In most countries on the planet, the value of cash in circulation continues to increase.

However, the health of those overall numbers disguises the fact that in many markets, access to cash – both coins and notes – is becoming an issue for both businesses and the public.

With bank branches and post offices closing almost everywhere, the traditional sources of coins and notes are being reduced. They will never return.

New and cost effective answers are required.

There are certainly technological issues. There are also funding issues. Finally, there are questions of public policy, and the plans of governments and their central banks.

In this presentation, Ron Delnevo will explore all of the issues and identify possible solutions, including how they can be funded.

The solutions identified will not be for five or ten years down the line. They will be solutions which can start to be implemented in 2020, dealing with issues which already exist and are of growing significance. They must be dealt with before they become public and have an overwhelming impact on the future of cash in general and coins in particular.