Packaging Competition

Packaging Competition

  • Submit date : Sep 1, 2020 ~ Feb 28, 2020
  • Exhibition : Apr 26 ~ 28 , 2020
  • Award : Apr 29, 2020

Category 1 – Most Creative/Innovative and Unique Packaging

Entries in this category must be able to demonstrate high creativity and uniqueness not seen before in numismatic collectible packaging.

Category 2 – Best National Set

Entries in this category shall best convey the identity of the issuing nation. This package usually includes the annual currency of the issuing nation. The package is readily recognisable internationally as being from the issuing country.

Category 3 – Best Package to Encourage Collecting

Includes all packaging that can house a multiple coin set in a series that will be collected over time, or an individual package of an annual set or an annual issue of coins, in which the packaging of the series changes each year for several years and the coins remain the same from one year to the next. Only the date of issue changes.

In the first definition the coins along with the package create the story that needs to be completed. While, in the second definition it is the series of packaging that creates the story and not the coins. In either definition the packaging is set-up in such a way that the collectors of the coin sets enjoy the story being created and have strong needs to complete the series. The satisfaction is so strongly felt that the owners of the series are encouraged to continue collecting.

Category 4 – Marketers’Choice

These entries includes all of the above entrants as well as all packaging a Mint decides to submit in advance to the organisers at the conference host mint for direct inclusion in this category. A mint may have a super cool package that simply does not fit any of the first three categories and therefore it can be submitted directly for inclusion here.