Teer Coatings Ltd, is a leading developer of Magnetron Sputtered PVD coating solutions for various industries globally including Mints. We have a large dedicated R \& D department allowing us to develop new coatings for specific customer requirements.

In collaboration with a leading Mint we developed a PVD coating solution to replace their current Cr plating used in Numismatic Coinage stamping operations. The aim was to produce a coating that was environmentally friendly, gave better die life and reduced the need for manual polishing operations on the dies. Teers succeed in these aims and has gone onto to sell 24 PVD coating systems to 14 different mints world-wide.

Following on from the initial work on Numismatic Coinage Teers also successfully developed a range of coatings for use in circulation coinage stamping operations. A number of Mints from around the world have added this capability to their production operations.