In over 20 years, Mingfeng has become one of the top 100 national high-tech enterprises in China.  We provide services for brands from more than 30 industries including electronics, spirits, commemorative coin, watch, jewelry, cigar, wine, cosmetic and health related products.  Our mission is to turn incredible concepts into practical realities.  Mingfeng’s industrial park covers an area of 230,000 square meters with thousands of skilled staff and an annual output of up to 80 million pieces

We believe in the great environmental importance of our beautiful planet and sustainable human development.  In 2013, Mingfeng formed the Biomass Technology Company.  This division specializes in the research and development of biomass composites and its applications.  The biomass composites we develop aims at taking full advantage of the abundant forestry residues from the agriculture industry such as straw, rice husks, and wood pulps.  We then use modified formula design combined with upgraded professional equipment to produce the various biomass composites, which are then extruded and molded into everyday products.