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Consolidated Coin Company is a leading integrated manufacturer and supplier of Mono-metallic and Bi-metallic Coin Blanks, regularly meeting the annual coinage requirements of Central Banks and Mints around the world.  We produce ready to mint coin blanks, in all possible shapes, sizes and alloys, with high quality and metallurgical sophistication, thereby ensuring high speed & trouble free minting on presses.  With an experienced and passionate team, high standards of quality, reliable deliveries and competitive prices, we are today a reliable and reputed supplier to Central Banks and Mints in India, South East Asia, Africa, Europe, Eastern Europe, South America etc.

3C implements world class know how and technology and has partnerships with leading equipment suppliers in the world.  A modern and well equipped laboratory with latest test measuring equipments assist our team to produce – secure, easy to mint and durable coin blanks.  3C employs most modern and the state-of-art process technologies for entire production, right from melting and alloy making to finished blanks for both Mono-metallic and Bi-Colour.  We operate a quality management system, which complies with the requirement of ISO 9001:2015 and invaluable combination of high standards of quality, reliable deliveries, competitive prices and efficient services are the hallmark of 3C.

Minting presses are today working upto 750 strokes per minute and this means not only a high increase of the forming speed of the coinage material, but also of its running speed in contact with the coining dies. High-speed minting presses are only efficient and economical, if the relatively expensive coining tools have a long and trouble-free service-life. This implies a growing demand for coinage blanks which are very accurate to size with a high surface finish.

3C coin blanks meet these requirements.