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ArtaZn (formelry known as Jarden Zinc Products) is a US-based manufacturer of ZincSecure™, a high security zinc-based coinage product that provides exceptional value to our customers – Mints and Central Banks. Due to its high security and cost effectiveness, ZincSecure™ is an ideal coinage material for low denomination banknotes and high denomination coins.

We are the largest North American zinc strip manufacturing company with experience in the coin blank manufacturing industry for more than 35 years. We are the exclusive manufacturer of the US penny and we also supply plated zinc and steel coin blanks internationally. With our technical expertise and years of experience in the industry, we offer unique and customized solutions which deliver high level of security, excellent performance and favorable seigniorage. Our in-house capabilities producing innovative zinc-based alloys, coin blank processing and plating with different finishes makes us a one-stop shop for coin blank making. Our clientele includes the United States Mint, The Indonesian Government Security Printing and Minting Corporation (Perum Peruri), The Singapore Mint, the National Bank of Ukraine, the Royal Canadian Mint among others.