Call for Papers

Your opportunity to address 300+ Experts from the Minting Industry

The programme will have a specific theme on each of the three days – starting with Global Challenges, moving to New Horizons, and then debating Future Opportunities.

The structure of the programme will be modular, with plenary sessions on each day covering the big issues, streamed sessions focusing on the collector, circulation and bullion markets, and then interactive break-out sessions (workshops) diving even deeper into specific topics.

This format provides the opportunity to cover a multitude of topics relating to coins and the minting industry, with plenty to excite the interest and appetites of everyone.

We welcome proposals for topical presentations covering the following areas:

Collector coins – innovation, legal tender status, designs and trends, creating a successful secondary market

Bullion – creating an ethical business model, the investment case

Circulating coins – the note/coin boundary, seigniorage, optimising the denomination mix

Technology and innovation – in materials, design and production, quality control and inspection, processing, authentication, marketing

Tools and techniques for creating the next generation of coin enthusiast

Case studies of successful coin campaigns

Corporate social responsibility – making the industry and its products clean, green and ethically responsible

This is your opportunity to contribute to the pre-eminent conference for the industry, to demonstrate innovation, share best practice, and take part in the how the industry can forge the path for the future of coins.

All proposals will be reviewed by a programme committee drawn from experts in the industry. Overt commercial presentations will not be considered.  Topics that have not been presented at any previous industry events will be particularly welcome.

How to Submit Your Abstract

Complete the form below to send us your abstract. The deadline for submissions is 31 October 2019.

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